Casas del Golf | Type 7 homes
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Type 7 homes



At CASAS DEL GOLF small details, convenience and comfort are synonymous with adaptability, making the possibility of customising each the home to the desires of the buyer of vital importance and offering the best way to feel closer to any lifestyle.


Spaces are tools which grow together with the people who inhabit them. As such, if the owner wishes, the ground and/or first floors may be modified to provide more or fewer rooms, in accordance with needs of each family.

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These are homes designed as PAIRS OF SEMI-DETACHED HOUSES, and are very similar to Type 1 homes. Where they differ from these in that they have a 1 meter gap between them to better adapt to the shape of the phases in which they are located. Regardless, their layout and characteristics are identical and symmetrical.


They are located in “phases” with a trapezoidal shape. The type of construction employed with these units is a method used for topography with a slight DOWNWARD SLOPE, a solution with a semi-basement floor with a facade in the rear area. This gives the structure an effect which is “staggered” towards the rear to bring the house as much possible into harmony with the natural terrain on which it is placed.


In terms of planning and distribution, the solution chosen was to provide pedestrian and vehicle access by way of Vial 17. In addition to the garage, an exterior parking place is also reserved.


The homes have a front yard which accesses the homes’ ground floor rooms, which include a double-height entrance hall, dining-living room, kitchen, and garage. The rear area has an open air terrace with access from the living room and kitchen. The upper floor has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which is for the main bedroom, which also has a dressing area and a terrace. All of the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes. The semi-basement floor, the result of the difference in height between the natural ground level and the access level, is used for auxiliary rooms such as multi-purpose, storage, laundry and utility rooms. This floor also leads to the covered porch and back yard which are on the same level.


All of the living areas are bathed in natural light thanks to exterior doors and windows except the common bathroom on the upper floor, which has a skylight for overhead lighting.


The rear side of the home features a large picture window formed by the face of the ground floor dining-living room and the upstairs master bedroom. The cladding of the semi-basement floor is made of a natural stone finish panels, which serve as the building’s “base” or skirting of the building.


The main staircase which connects the ground floor with upper floor is located in the front bay of the house, and provides access to the semi-basement floor from the central bay, with the lower flight positioned over the upper flight. This was done in order to adapt the home to the ascending topography, which favours a layout that places the staircase further from the main facade and ending at a distance from it.


The roof of the dwelling is flat and not transitable, as this is the planned location for the home’s exterior utilities. The central area has a large chimney which provides a common exhaust for air vented from both of the semi-detached homes.


The side garden has stairs which go to the backyard level, accenting the adaptation to the sloping terrain. The backyard is left “in the rough”, only the required horizontal platforms and a section which connects these are prepared. The rear property boundary provides access to interior common area of the development.

The Residential Complex and its Environment

Casas del Golf is an urban residential complex located in the city of Antequera in Malaga. The complex is in the north, in the accredited housing estate of Golf, on Plot 319, with an area of 14,251.64 m2, designated as Implementation Unit 11 (UE-11) for the construction of semi-detached (26) and fully detached (1) housing, 27 sub-plots on a private area of 10,106.09 m2 with the remaining area, 4,145.55 m2, allocated for a large common area for the use and enjoyment of the residents. This will be discretely integrated with the landscape, providing leisure and sporting activities as well as accesses, roads, gardens, swimming pools, paddle tennis court, mini-golf and children’s games.


The residential complex features breathtaking views of La Vega, the mountains and the city. And it is right next door to the prestigious golf course Antequera Golf, designed by three-time Ryder Cup champion José María Cañizares. The course boasts 18 holes spread out over a length of more 6,000 meters, offering a challenge to professionals and amateurs alike. Antequera Golf also has 18 interconnected artificial lakes which collect rain water used to water the course throughout the entire year, thus caring for environment.


The project

Casas de Golf homes were designed by the Manuel Campos Architects’ Studio, which has managed to perfectly combine the elegance of modern architecture, the rationality of shared space, and the qualities of the materials used in construction, detailed below.


Foundation and Structure

Foundations of braced reinforced concrete footings. Retaining walls of reinforced concrete. Structures of reinforced concrete and waffle slab.



Sewage system with accessories and soundproof PVC pipes, separator for storm and wastewater. Installation to the public sewer will be done in accordance with municipal ordinance.



The facades are made of solid brick, perforated and filled with mortar. Exteriors finished with plaster and protective waterproof stone paint and large picture windows.


Insulation and Waterproofing

Provision of anti-impact layer under flooring for soundproofing to ensure absolute peace and quiet in the homes. Thermal insulation in all facades with air chambers and semi-rigid volcanic rockwool panels. Sound insulation in divisions between dwellings in accordance with applicable regulations.


Exterior Joinery

Picture and standard windows made of lacquered aluminium, profiles with thermal breaks. Double-glazed “Climalit” safety glass of type or similar, in bathrooms and outdoors translucent glass of the “Carglass” type. Glazed glass facings in the rear-facing facade of the living room and master bedroom joined by composite Alucobond panel. Cast aluminium slat blinds which match joinery and fitted wardrobes with automatic raising and lowering in the remaining bedrooms.


Flooring and Tiling

Flooring in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and distributor made of synthetic wood laminate ANTIC COLONIAL model AC4 Residence Beech by Porcelanosa or similar, and matching skirting. Flooring and tiling in bathrooms made of top-quality glazed ceramic stoneware tiles with VENIS model materials and combinations by Porcelanosa or similar. Exterior terrace flooring made of premium anti-slip ceramic stoneware tiles. In the garage and on the yard level floor, continuous concrete pavement with a polished finish.


Interior Carpentry

Armoured door with three-point lock security lock, formed by a sheet of imitation walnut aluminium slats with and rigid siding with anti-vandal glass. Plain interior doors with milled design of steamed beechwood veneer, with chrome handles and fittings. Fitted wardrobes with matching wooden interior doors


Plumbing and Appliances

Individual hot water system with solar panels system which and flat collectors on the roof, central control unit and secondary hot water tank. White bathroom fixtures from ACRO MK-One series by NOKEN Porcelanosa or similar. Thermostatic faucets in baths/showers and single lever faucets for the other fixtures of the ACRO NK-One series or similar. Special stonework tiling in laundry room at yard level, washer and dryer inlet/outlet.



Electrical panel with individual differential and automatic circuit breaker, thermomagnetic circuit breakers for internal circuitry safety. Modern design electrical mechanisms, metallic colour, or similar. Recessed emergency lighting in exits and specific rooms.


Air conditioning

Automatic air regeneration system throughout home with forced ventilation and ducts. Full pre-installation of air conditioning and heating (heat pump system) customised by floor, provided by means of ducts in false ceilings and optional exterior roof units.



Horizontal and vertical facings painted with acrylic paint, soft colour. Acrylic paint on kitchen and bathroom ceilings.



Kitchens with independent exhaust system with forced air to roof outlet. Shelving and cabinets of plasterboard, or plaster in the living room. Parabolic satellite TV/FM radio. Folding garage door made of galvanized steel with primer paint. Complete telecommunications installation with TV and telephone outlets in all bedrooms and living rooms. Automatic video entry system with colour screen. Portable fire extinguishers in garage and utility room.


Customising your home

Homeowners may customize their homes, in accordance with the developer and technical management, and, where appropriate, may propose other finishes or qualities, or even modify the interior layout in order to create the ideal home, the home that best suits the homeowner’s space and budget requirements. Modifications must be in accordance with planning regulations.


All materials used in the construction of the Casa del Golf residential complex will be of top quality, employing materials which, when appropriate, have been proven and approved by the manufacturers to the competent authorities. Materials indicated in these Building Specifications are subject to substitution or change deemed appropriate by the project manager, provided that, in the opinion of the project manager, this does not negatively affect the quality of the materials described in this document.


Download Information Kit.

Type 7 homes.

For further information, please go to:
Manuel Campos Arquitectos

C/ Merecillas 62, 2º A – Edificio Géminis

29200 Antequera (Málaga)

Tel: 952 84 35 42

Móvil: 609 059 306 / 660 155 273

  • Choose a home.
  • Meet with the architect to customise your home.
  • Sign the private contract.
  • Construction is completed.
  • Obtain financing with banking entity.
  • Formalise the deed with the notary public.

Type 7 homes    12-A, 12-B, 13-A, 13-B, 14-A, 14-B           279.400 €