Casas del Golf | Location
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These days excellent travel connections are essential for making the most of life. This is why CASAS DEL GOLF residential complex is in the well-known Golf Housing Estate, located in beautiful and bright in Antequera, the crossroads and nerve centre of travel connections.


With stunning views of La Vega, the mountains, and the city of Antequera at its feet, CASAS DE GOLF offers the best travel connections with its immediate surroundings by road and motorway, linking it to the city of Malaga, the AVE high speed train station, the international airport, with some of the best golf courses in the peninsula right at your doorstep.

Key distances and destinations


Casas del Golf – Antequera City Station                                      5km

Antequera – Antequera-Santa Ana AVE Station                       19km

Antequera – Malaga                                                                    45km

Antequera – Malaga Airport                                                       57km

Antequera – Seville                                                                    150km

Antequera – Seville Airport                                                       160km

Antequera – Granada                                                                 96km

Antequera – Granada Airport                                                    90km